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Session Saver

Quick & Easy board repair!

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Price: $10.95
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Session Saver
Session Saver
Session Saver
Session Saver
Session Saver
Session Saver
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Product Details
Session Saver™ Ding Repair Putty is the most innovative and easy to use surfboard repair product in the world! Unlike other products, Session Saver is moldable, which allows for zero mess and maximum shaping control. Session Saver is easy to apply smoothly, so that there is no need for sanding. Activation is caused by mixing; not by sunlight, which means that Session Saver won't go bad in your car or while you travel. Even more amazing, Amphibian Curing Technology™ allows Session Saver to harden underwater! This allows surfers to come in to the beach, fix a ding, and return to the line up with out missing the next set. 

For best results, break off pieces of cracked polyester or epoxy. Roughen and clean the area to be repaired. Remove putty from tube and peel back plastic lining. 

CUT IT. Use a wax comb to cut off enough putty to fill the ding. 
MIX IT. To activate, knead putty with fingers until it turns white. 
FIX IT. Work the putty into the ding and apply pressure until adhesion begins to take effect. With wet fingers, smooth putty to avoid the need for sanding. 

The Original Formula has a 20 minute work life. After 20 minutes it will harden and form a tenacious bond. Final cure occurs in 60 minutes.  After the final cure, Session Saver's Ding Repair Putty is environmentally safe.

Session Saver donates a portion of its sales to the Surfrider Foundation. Every time you buy Session Saver, you are also helping to keep waves alive. Get back in the water!