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Oceanus EEL Retractable Reel Board Leash

The EEL Leash gives you the ability to retrieve your board

The EEL incorporates several modifications. The feed port is re-enforced from the inside, reducing the weight, but maintaining durability. The shock cord is replaced with a 30-inch, inch diameter rope extension, which is doubled over, stitched and rubberized to toughen it up and repel water. The snap hook, rated at 270 lbs, is attached to the rope extension and the leash strap. If the clip jaws give, the clip stays with the board. Replacement clips are available. Both the EELand RE ENFORCED REEL are available with the new Quick Release side buckle/clips. This accommodates quick and easy, one handed disconnect from the board. The Quick Release buckle/clips have a 300lb break strength.
Price: $69.95
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Oceanus EEL Retractable Reel Board Leash
Oceanus EEL Retractable Reel Board Leash
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