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3/32" 16 lb. EVA

3/32” 16# EVA Foam by the Square Foot

3/32” 16# EVA foam is solution for applications that require a durable dense barrier that will not absorb water. Take advantage of ordering custom dimensions of NSI raw materials to minimize waste and get efficient pricing.

Please inquire about custom shapes, bulk orders, and production of OEM parts.

Please follow these instructions for completing your custom order:

  1. Choose the color of EVA you wish to order
  2. Determine the custom size you would like to order in inches. Maximum dimensions are 31” x 59”.
  3. Insert these dimensions in inches into the provided box.
  4. Convert these measurements into square feet by following this formula: (L x W)/144 = Square Footage
  5. Insert the calculated square footage into the "Quantity" field located next to "Add To My NSI Bag". Please round to the nearest whole number.
  6. Add to cart by clicking on "Add to my NSI Bag”
Price: $5.50
3M Adhesive Option:

Please enter the dimensions of your pad in inches - Then enter calculated square footage into the quantity box next to "Add To My NSI Bag"

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3/32"  16 lb. EVA
3/32" 16 lb. EVA
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